Who We Are

Public Works Act Land Compensation, EQC & Private Earthquake Insurance Claims, Property Advisory & Management – all roads lead to PropertyPathways.

We’re your property experts

Together we have more than a century’s worth of combined experience in the fields of property management, business, finances, and land compensation. Our team members have worked with a wide range of clients across the public and private sectors, and have previously worked for organisations ranging from large multinationals to small locally-owned businesses and self-employed consultants.

It’s because of our experience and personal approach that we can honestly say we see things from your point of view. We’ll fight for you, and won’t be intimidated by any challenges that stand in the way.

Our Team

Neil Carr, Director

Neil established PropertyPathways in 2006, building on a 30-year career in New Zealand's property industry.

His previous roles spanned both the private and public sectors, working in organisations including Transit New Zealand, Todd Motors, AMP, and the former Ministry of Works and Development.

Neil’s a hands-on kind of guy. He works directly with clients, bringing personal care and expertise in negotiation, facilitation, strategy development and implementation to many of PropertyPathways’ projects. He's been involved with some significant and high-profile property-related projects in sectors such as central government, telecommunications, energy, transport, and infrastructure development.

Neil is proud of what PropertyPathways has achieved, and the strong relationships the team has developed with their clients. He believes PropertyPathways provides something quite unique:

“We have a great depth of experience and expertise, and a comprehensive understanding of our clients’ needs. But what sets us apart is our pragmatic yet free-thinking approach, combined with our can-do attitude, flexibility, and agility to respond quickly when it's needed. We're committed to offering value – whether through the fresh perspectives we provide, the innovative ideas we develop, or the fees we charge. Our clients know they can rely on us to deliver, with no surprises. We take the hassles off their hands, and lift the stresses off their shoulders. It's really rewarding work – we love what we do."

Contact Neil,
Email: neil.carr@propertypathways.co.nz
Call: Mobile+64 21 519 985

Alison Pharaoh, Business Services Consultant

Alison, a Chartered Accountant, became a part of PropertyPathways in March 2012. She brought 24 years of industry experience, including 16 years of consulting to both government and private sectors. She has often worked in the areas of commercial property management, investment analysis and management, auditing, accountancy, business systems, and organisational change.

She is heavily involved in our earthquake support programme, applying her problem-solving and people-skills to help Cantabrians resolve their earthquake issues. Clients love her high energy, enthusiasm, and drive to get the job done.

Contact Alison,
Email: alison.pharaoh@propertypathways.co.nz

Call: Mobile +64 21 242 0657


The PropertyPathways principles

  • The client always comes first: We work closely with our clients to understand their needs, develop relevant options, and deliver solutions that will meet and even exceed their expectations, wherever possible.
  • Act with integrity: We’re reliable, approachable, trustworthy, insightful, considered, and accountable.
  • Respect everyone: We’re professional and courteous, respect others’ points of view, and provide an assurance of confidentiality in everything we do.
  • Be fair: We treat all our customers, colleagues, suppliers, business partners, counterparts, and disputants fairly.
  • Assert our independence: Our independence is a key part of our strength. We deal with the facts alone, and ensure zero conflicts of interest across all our services.
  • Always look to innovate: We’re committed to thinking smarter, pushing the boundaries, keeping an open mind, and being receptive to new ideas and possibilities – all for the good of our clients.
  • Enjoy the journey: There’s more to our job than just doing the work. We seek to develop enjoyable, long-term relationships with our clients, suppliers, and other business partners.

We are good at what we do and have stacks of experience in doing it. Not only that, we’re the property experts who are on your side. So forget about the rest, contact us today.