Many people find dealing with EQC and private insurers to be incredibly confusing, overwhelming, and long-winded. That’s why we’re here. We strive to take that stress away from you, foresee any potential expenses and complications, and secure the best possible settlement for you.

Defining the scope of work and comprehensively proving, accounting for, and costing out the damage caused requires hands-on experience and lateral thinking. These are qualities that the PropertyPathways team has, or can readily access, and brings along to every EQC and private insurance claim.

We have the practical engineering, building, and property experience to make sure your claim is in the best possible shape when engaging with your insurer, and facilitating the resolution of your claim.

In addition, our strong networks and relationships with EQC and insurers will help your claim proceed as quickly as possible. We can speak their language – taking the burden off you while ticking all the boxes. We also make sure they are meeting their obligations to you. Through our clear and professional communications and reporting, you’ll be able to fully grasp your entitlements before negotiations become entrenched. We’ll also help you to understand all the terms and conditions of your claim.

Whether PropertyPathways is your first port of call, or if you’re partway through the process and want another perspective, we’re committed to seeing the whole process through to settlement resolution. Our team has the practical experience that lets us see a bit further down the road as well, so that you don’t come across more hidden surprises and costs after your claim is settled.

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