Property Advisory & Property Strategy

Public Works Act Land Compensation, EQC & Private Earthquake Insurance Claims, Property Advisory & Management – all roads lead to PropertyPathways.

Property Advisory – Commercial, Industrial, Residential

Property ownership comes with great reward, but also great risk. To be successful, you need to know all the answers before you invest your hard-earned capital – or at least know where to turn to get them. That’s where PropertyPathways comes in.

Through decades of business, consulting, construction, and financial experience, we’ve dealt with just about everything when it comes to property. And we will pass that knowledge on to you through our well-considered advice.

We’ll conduct a thorough analysis of all aspects of your property matters, to ensure that you have the information you need to make informed personal, financial, resource, and business decisions.

Alongside our own in-depth knowledge, we have access to an extensive network of qualified, experienced, and reliable experts in fields ranging from valuation to architecture, land and quantity surveying, engineering, construction, and more.

Management Strategies

The devil is in the detail, as they say. PropertyPathways can help you create a comprehensive and robust management strategy for your commercial, industrial, or residential property (or properties).

Many people and organisations have found themselves in all sorts of tricky situations before turning to us, so we’ve seen every pitfall and trap there is. Our job is to ensure you don’t have to face those challenges too. We work side-by-side with you to develop a management strategy that recognises and responds to your situation and environment, and aligns with your short and long-term aspirations and goals.

We can also efficiently and effectively implement your management and investment strategy through our Property Management services. We’ll handle all contacts and negotiations surrounding sales and purchases, and much more.

Owner Representation

Representation and negotiation is our bread and butter. We do it every day, in all aspects of our wide-ranging work.

We are proud to represent commercial, industrial, and residential property owners in any way possible, from working with banks and investors to facilitating sales and purchase, tenant liaison, dispute resolution, and compensation. This capability goes hand-in-hand with the vast compensation expertise and services we offer, from handling land acquired by Public Works to EQC and private earthquake insurance claim resolution. We truly are your property experts.

Send PropertyPathways in to do your bidding when you can’t – or if you simply want to get the very best results. We’ll help you get it right, from the outset.

Tenant Representation

Ensure your voice is heard, and your best possible result is achieved.

Sometimes being a tenant means facing off with a much larger, and often daunting entity. In such cases, it’s easy to start thinking your issue or desired outcome will be ignored, or you’ll end up accepting less than what you potentially could have.

From negotiating access issues to running rent reviews, lease renewals or expiries, and helping with fitouts if necessary – we will do it all on your behalf.

Not only that, but we can see what the view looks like from both sides of the table. As opposed to other representatives who may specialise in supporting only one party, we have a vast service offering and understanding of tenants, owners, and private and public entities. It’s our unique insight and experience that lets us hear what’s truly being said, break through barriers, get to the core of the issue quickly, and create fair resolutions.