Land Compensation

Public Works Act Land Compensation, EQC & Private Earthquake Insurance Claims, Property Advisory & Management – all roads lead to PropertyPathways.

Land Compensation – Public Works Act

PropertyPathways is a specialist land compensation consultant. We can partner with you to navigate the minefield that is the Public Works Act, so that you have the best chance of getting the compensation you’re entitled to.

We can act as your main coordinator – always striving to save you time, stress, and expense. Our primary goal throughout the entire process is to hold all parties to their obligations and maintain your rights under the Act. Every move we make always has your best interest at heart.

When Public Works affect you, it can be an incredibly stressful and frustrating time, but PropertyPathways can take the weight off your shoulders. Rest assured, you don’t have to face the seemingly daunting challenge alone.

Compensation When Affected by Public Works

The best advice and expertise at your side.

Most people aren’t experts in the Public Works Act – and why should they be? But when you’re faced with a government, local or regional council order requiring your land, you need to get up-to-speed pretty quickly. You’ve got to make sure your rights are being observed without question, that you’re getting the compensation you deserve, and that your costs are correctly reimbursed as required by the Act.

Our experienced team and network of experts will take care of everything for you. You’ll receive the best independent advice, and will be kept updated and informed throughout the entire process.

We can establish a mandate and uncover your property’s true value and your compensation entitlement. We ask the questions many others can’t, particularly in cases where there might be a potential risk of a conflict of interest. We’re not afraid to question valuers and other experts when their recommendations may not be a true reflection of what’s right either. And we have the credibility to constructively engage with them and resolve differences. We have an open dialogue with the Crown and local government, understand their protocols, and can speak in their terms – so that you don’t have to. Together, we’re much more likely to make meaningful progress in your case.

Residential, Commercial, and Rural Land Acquisition

It’s about more than just the value of the physical land. It’s about your home, or even your livelihood.

We know that you didn’t ask to have your world turned upside down. You don’t want to lose your home for the sake of a road, powerline, or public facility. For us, we see the situation you’re in as far more than just a job – it’s a significant time in your life which carries weighty consequences. So we’ll fight for you, to make the best out of what can be a bad situation.

Dealing with government and councils on residential compensation claims by yourself is difficult enough – it can be even more so when you’re faced with a loss of productivity as well. For commercial or agricultural property owners, when your land is being acquired by the Government or Council it can feel like you’re within the grip of a perfect storm. Not only do you have to take time out to step into the complicated world of the Public Works Act, but you’ve got to fully understand your rights and know that you’re getting the compensation you deserve. All the while you’re forced into potentially losing capabilities that could threaten your basic livelihood.

Public Works are a lot for someone to take on alone. Fortunately, we have the expertise to deal with even the most complex of cases, because it’s something we’re regularly a part of. We’re the property experts who are on your side.

Property Owners’ Advocate and Facilitator

When you bring in PropertyPathways, our residential, commercial, and rural land acquisition arsenal is immediately at your disposal.

We will look after your rights and deal with your claim. We’ll coordinate with your valuer and legal advisor, and liaise with other consultants and all public bodies to ensure your compensation entitlement is communicated correctly. We can also negotiate property agreements for infrastructure that may affect your land – such as roads, bridges, railway lines, and utilities including telecommunications, energy supply, and irrigation. We’ll negotiate easements, encumbrances, leases, licences, and access agreements for survey, construction, and surveying.

Consider us as an extension of your family, firm, or farm operation. We can take the weight off your shoulders, so you can remain focussed on maintaining your day-to-day life – while negotiating the best deal for you.