Earthquake Claim Resolution

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Earthquake Insurance Claims – EQC & Private

Earthquakes cause enough uncertainty and stress long before you or your organisation has to deal with a complicated claims process. PropertyPathways is the team you need during such a difficult time.

Many people find dealing with EQC and private insurers to be incredibly confusing, overwhelming, and long-winded. That’s why we’re here. We strive to take that stress away from you, stick by you throughout the journey, and foresee any potential expenses and complications.

In line with our principles, we’re always looking to innovate in our services as well, to deliver the best experience for our clients. Our Domestic Property Assistance Programme is one unique service that we specifically designed to support Cantabrians affected by the 2010/11 earthquakes. Since then, it has proven to be a valuable tool for others who have been affected by more recent quakes throughout New Zealand.

Damage and Scope of Work Definition

Let us put your mind at ease. We have the practical engineering, building, and property experience to make sure your claim is in the best possible shape when engaging with your insurer.

Defining the scope of work and comprehensively proving, accounting for, and costing out the damage caused requires hands-on experience and lateral thinking. These are qualities that the PropertyPathways team has, or can readily access, and brings along to every EQC and private insurance claim.

In each case, there’s a constant threat of hidden or missed costs that lie beyond the most obvious material or labour requirements. But we know exactly what to look out for. Not only that, but through our clear and professional communications and reporting, you’ll be able to fully grasp your entitlements before negotiations become entrenched.

In addition, we’ll help you to navigate and understand all the terms and conditions of your claim. We’ll always be there to make sure you’re comfortable with the convoluted jargon and stipulations involved, and that you’re prepared for the process we’re about to go through together.

With PropertyPathways on your side, you can feel confident and hopeful during what can be an incredibly trying time for you, your family, or organisation.


We’re behind you every step of the way.

Our long-standing and strong relationships with EQC and insurance companies, and our extensive network of contacts in the industry, will help your claim proceed as quickly as possible. We understand their protocols, and can speak their language – taking the burden off you while ticking all the boxes. We also make sure EQC and insurers are meeting their obligations to you, by cutting through the red tape, and avoiding the many possible pitfalls or hold-ups.

If you’re already partway through a claim, and are unsatisfied with the process or length of time it’s taking, we can come on board to help you really switch gears. Using our facilitation skills, we will make sure your claim gets back on track and proceeds as fast as possible. You’ll get what you’re entitled to sooner, and will finally be able to move on.

Settlement Resolution

Whether through EQC or private insurance companies, the complex and large-scale nature of earthquake damage means getting from claim to settlement can be a real marathon. For those clients who turn to PropertyPathways as their first port of call, we’re committed to seeing the whole process through, and securing the best possible resolution for you.

But even after final settlements are made, many people are still at risk of finding themselves facing unpredicted costs or complications. An example is the case of an elderly woman who’s expected to, but physically unable to, organise and lead the repair project on her building. Although she may have been granted a full settlement for physical materials and labour, she is simply not going to have her property restored without help. It would be unrealistic to expect her to project manage all the contractors and materials required to carry out the work – and assure a quality result. But we can see limitations like this from a mile off. We would have already advocated for her insurance or another third party to have covered that process too.

PropertyPathways has the practical experience that lets us see further down the road, so that you don’t come across more hidden surprises and costs after a claim is settled.